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Keep Your Skin Forever Young Always Radiant & Soft.

Your solution for puffiness bags dark circle fine lines, aging skin wrinkles loose skin, crows feet, enriched with gold micro-molecules & vitamins.

Our 24K Gold Eye Mask is formulated with natural bio-ingredients to deliver a more define bright hydrating and glowing look.


-Organic Witch Hazel Extract

Removes Puffiness, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

-Irish Moss Seaweed Extract

Increases the elasticity of the skin, nourishes it with natural minerals and stimulates skin regeneration.


Our mask has an anti-aging effect, smooths wrinkle, and helps the skin produce its own collagen

-Organic Hyaluronic Acid

Actively moisturize then skin and retains moisture, which prevents the appearance of new wrinkles.


*Please note packaging may vary, as we change designs constantly as designs are enhanced.


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